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Land $1,900,000.00 N/A N/A North Hilo
Business $1,295,000.00 N/A N/A South Hilo
Land $1,195,000.00 N/A N/A Puna
Residential $1,000,000.0032South Hilo
Residential $999,900.0033.5South Hilo
Residential $725,000.0022South Hilo
Residential $699,000.0033Puna

Sell Your Hawaii Home

Determine Your Property Value

The first step to selling your home is determining a realistic market value. RE/MAX Properties welcomes the opportunity to help you determine the value of your property. Please take a moment to fill in the form below and one of our Realtors will personally email or call you with information right away.

Tips for Selling Your Home

Pricing Your Property

Know the realistic Market Value of your property and price accordingly. Every seller wants to get the most money for their product but the best way is not to over-price. A listing price that is too high will cause some prospects to skip over your property without a second glance. It may also lead buyers to expect more than what you are offering, all of which will lead to frustration for both the potential buyer and yourself. Over-priced properties frequently take an unusually long time to sell which can negatively impact the percieved value of the property and result in a lower sale price than a property that has been priced at a realistic market value.

Don’t mistake a Lender Refinancing Appraisal for the Market Value. When a lender appraises your property for refinancing they are trying to assign the highest value to the property possible that you can borrow against. Market value is what a buyer would likely actually PAY for your house. The actual market value of your home may be lower than what a lender would appraise it for refinancing. Your best avenue for determining your home’s market value it to work with your Realtor. Your Realtor can get the most recent information on actual property sales in your community to make an accurate estimate of your comparative property value.

Dealing with Potential Buyers

Showcase Your Home – When a potential buyers is viewing your home they are envisioning themselves moving in. Make sure your property allows them to see that happening easily, you don’t want them to look at your home and think “This is going to take a LOT of work”. Take some time to prepare your property to be shown. Make repairs, make sure everything functions and looks presentable. Clean up – even if the home functions properly, if it looks disheveled it will lower the value in buyer’s eyes. De-clutter your home – pack away knick-knacks and personal items.

Avoid “Hard Sell” Tactics during showings – Buying and selling a home are both very emotional decisions. Allow prospective buyers to comfortably examine your property. Be friendly and hospitable, point out subtle amenities and be receptive to questions. Don’t haggle or try to force the sale.

Dealing with “Looky-Loos” – For Sale signs will bring curious and idle viewers but they may not really be interested in buying your property at that point. Buyers that do not come through a Realtor are often a good 6-9 months away from actually purchasing a property. When selling your home you want to reach a wide audience but you don’t want to waste your resources marketing to the wrong people. Your Realtor should be able to distinguish between sincere buyers or curious lookers and should be able to find out prospective buyer’s financial readiness to buy your home.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Be well informed of the details of your contract. Real estate contracts are legally binding documents that describe the details of the property being sold and what your responsibilities are as the seller. These document are often complex and confusing and not knowing what you are signing for could potentially cost you thousands in inspections and repairs. Your Realtor can help you navigate the minutiae of your real estate contract.

You and Your Realtor

Your Realtor should be committed to selling your property for the best value and in a reasonably expedient manner. By allowing a Realtor to assist you in selling your property you will have the benefit of his or her expertise, time and marketing power which will allow you to concentrate on your life. If you are ready to sell your home please contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Thank you for letting us assist you!

Big Island Information

Birthplace of Kamehameha I – the great uniter of the islands. The first landing place for the missionaries. The largest macadamia nut industry and orchid growing business in the world.  Home to the Merrie Monarch Festival, the most honored hula tradition in the state.  This is the Big Island, rich in history, culture and tradition.

Towering above the landscape is Mauna Loa, an active volcano which is one of the highest mountains in the Pacific.  Serving as gateway to Hawaii Volcanos National Park is Hilo, the business and government center of the island.  Hilo is also home to the University of Hawaii-Hilo and ‘Imiloa its new world class astronomy center.

The east side of the Big Island offers the most affordable housing in the state as well as formidable estates ranging from the south Puna Area through the Hamakua Coast.  Whatever your wants or needs, the diversity of climate, landscape and economic structure will help us find the perfect place for you—it’s what we do!